Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Network (1976)

+1 this is all bullshit!;
+1 for sleeping your way to the top;
+1 for introducing reality television... Put some crazy people on the air and watch the ratings soar;
+1 for tirades that are just as true today then they were in 1976;
+1 oh my god, that's the father from Big Fish!;
-1 no wait... that was Albert Finney;
+1 for Robert Duval though;
+1 for describing the world of 2008 in 1976;
+1 "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!";
+1 for creating a monster and having it turn on their creators;
+1 for a network exec that's as crazy as Howard Beale;
+1 for Life cereal commercial during the credits;

Final Score: +10
Well certainly more entertaining than the alien one. I think today we need a Howard Beale on primetime, but until we do, you should check out this flick. Also, of historical note, Peter Finch (Beale) was the first actor to win an Oscar after he had died. Will the Joker be next?
Network (1976)

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

So my friends got me that 1001 Movies to See Before You Die book when I moved and I've started watching a few of the odder movies in it. I'll be posting as many reviews as I can in here, just so I remember what they are about...
+1 for David Bowie (obviously);
+1 for a young Rip Torn;
+1 wait Rip Torn is into raunchy sex?;
-1 with underage college co-eds;
+1 wait, with underage college co-eds!;
+1 for aliens and their advanced technology;
-1 self developing film? Really? Is that it?;
-1 wait, they heard about Earth on TV?;
+1 Bowie's into rough sex too?;
-1 with guns?;
-1 ahhhhh David Bowie's penis! Woman who fell to Earth?;
-1 damn and Rip Torn's too? Clearly someone had some sexual issues Roeg;
+1 for making David Bowie even more creepy than he already is;
+1 he scared the piss out of me too;

Total: 2
Final Call: David Bowie is actually an alien, so this was more of a documentary.

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

The Dark Knight (2008)

Again with the late review, but here goes:
-1 for waiting in line for 1.5 hrs after this movie being out for 2 weeks;
+1 for IMAX;
+1 for the Joker;
+1 for the Joker;
+1 no, seriously, the Joker was awesome;
+1 for Bale;
+1 for Maggie;
+1 for making me want to be Bruce Wayne (who is a rich d-bag, but the good kind);
+1 for Believing in Harvey Dent;
+1 for at least 2 "whatatwist" moments;
+1 for one cell phone sonar trick;
-1 for everyone cell phone trick (why did they even need that?);
+1 for Morgan Freeman;
+1 for "and your idea is to blackmail him?" line;
-1 for no one being able to recognize the Joker in a cop uniform;
-1 for no one noticing a nurse with clown makeup on;
+1 for Joker bedtime stories that make you smile;
-1 for SOMEONE dying;
+1 for making citizens more heartless than criminals;
-1 for Batman being a huge puss and not running over the Joker;
+1 because then the movie would have kinda sucked;
+1 for the Bat-Bike with infinite missiles;
+1 for Harvey Two-Face/Skeletor;
+1 for Joker tirades;

Final Score: 12
Let me know in the comments if I missed anything...

SOMEONE = Maggie

What I Realized Today...

When I'm alone in the elevator, I still jump just as it starts to descend. And I still believe that if I time it just right, I will float...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Joke

I am claiming credit for creating this joke. if you can prove me wrong, post in the comments:

Q: What do you call a racist peanut butter cup?
A: A reasist

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pano of Coke Zero 400

A view from Pit Row during driver introductions at the Coke Zero 400.
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