Friday, December 05, 2008

Mirror's Edge Review

Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 11:21:40 -0800
From: "Russell Savage"
To: "Bryan" , "David"
Subject: Mirror's Edge

Man, FUCK THAT GAME! You know how many times i died just because i
couldn't figure out ONE stupid jump?! The game obviously just wanted
to hate me. It knew where i was trying to get, yet just sat there and
watched me fall into the abyss (and that sound when you hit the
ground... like a sack of beef landing on a bunch of sticks...
shivers). 50 fuckin times. Oh and give me a fucking gun. Jesus.
what kind of moron runs up to a guy with a machine gun and body armor
on and tries to steal it from him? My strategy was as follows: run up
the first guy, die like 20 times trying to get his gun because the
slow motion thing fades in instead of starting instantly. once i got
it, try to shoot as many of the other guys as possible. of course,
since i can't reload, i could get about 4 shots off before i have to
throw the gun away and repeat. yeah, i know, the game isn't meant to
be like that, but then don't put guys i need to kill in order to

And what's the deal with the doors? She only understands red doors?
When you walk up to a door that isn't red, she is confused. handles?
what? i don't understand handles. i mean, come on. So much for free
roaming. And what kind of person designs buildings with doors you
have to climb a ledge and swing on bars to actually get to?

the only reason i wanted to keep playing was so i could keep doing
cool stuff. at least, i think it was cool. since i never really saw
myself doing anything (except my feet when i hit the ground), i don't
really know.

is it an innovative game? yes. i like the camera focus thing, and the
jumping thing or whatever. I like the music, and the story isn't bad.
But as soon as i finish it (i got to the last level after about 5
hours) i'm selling that game. I'm glad i got it used for 40 bucks,
maybe i can break even with some poor other sap.