Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A list of rejected movie sequel names:

1. Juno II: The Coat Hanger Chronicles
2. The Dark Knight II: Let's See If We Can Get Christian Bale to OD This Time
3. Knocked Up II: Another Ugly Fat Guy Wants to Make Out With Kathrein Heigel
4. Superbad II: McLovin's Special Sauce
5. Back to the Future II: Immaculate Conception
6. I Am Sam II: My Dad's Retarded and So Am I
7. Yes Man II: You have Syphilis
8. 40 Year Old Virgin II: 80 Year Old Virgin... Tranny
9.  No Country For Old Men II: Tommy Lee Jones Scowling for 90 Mins...
10. Flight 93 II: LOST Season 1

If you've got more rejected movie sequel names leave them in the comments.