Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Home Alone" Drinking Game

Just in time for the holiday season! There are tons of movie drinking games, but this one is for Home Alone. This is my favorite Christmas drinking game.

Take a drink whenever:
 - someone crashes into the lawn jockey (from FSR).
 - you notice product placement (from FSR).
 - you see a Christmas tree.
 - someone says "Kevin" (from FSR).
 - the Home Alone theme music plays (hear the theme here).
 - you see the tarantula.
 - Kevin gets scared of something (the old man, the basement, etc.).
 - someone makes a phone call.

Take a shot for some important scenes:
 - When the family realizes they've left Kevin.
 - When Kevin uses Angels with Filthy Souls to scare someone.

Happy Thanksgiving!