Friday, January 23, 2009

Many airports in the US have some sort of system to get passengers from one terminal to the other. Here are just a few examples. Pittsburgh has a train that goes from baggage claim to the concourses. Atlanta has a train that goes between all concourses. Denver has a train that goes to some of the concourses. Seattle has a train that goes to some of the concourses. A train seems to make the most sense for airport transportation. You don't need a driver, it can move lots of people very quickly, it can be put underground as to not disturb airplanes, etc.

But then there is Washington Dulles. Why does Washington Dulles International Airport have these strange looking truck/bus shuttles that take passengers from terminal to terminal? Talk about a broken system. They have to be driven by a human? They have to yield to airplanes? That's really the solution you came up with?

I think this is how it went down:
Engineer 1: "Oh crap, we built these terminals so far apart, how are people going to actually get to these things in a reasonable time?"
Engineer 2 speaks up from the back: "Ummm, maybe we should put in a train system like almost every other airport which has this problem?"
Engineer 1: "No, No, trains are for European jerks and cattle. This is America, damnit! Now, my crazy half-stepbrother's dog's owner's nephew has an idea. His company makes these ugly, giant truck/bus looking things that will work much better. He hasn't found anyone else to buy them, but I think they would be great."
Engineer 2: "Sir, with all due respect, I'd rather have dental work done with an ice skate than ride in one of those. Don't you think there is a reason all the other airports chose trains?"
Engineer 1: "You again with the trains? Ha! Hey everyone, check out the European douche in the back with his trains. Haha!"

Check out a sweet picture of these ugly POSes...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Note to self: Create a coffee table with speakers on the underside of the table. Add iPod dock to the top (or side). Use it to enhance the mood at our many fancy parties.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The rule of LOL: As the number of comments on a blog post goes to infinity, the probability of seeing 'LOL' goes to 1 very quickly.

The youtube rule of LOL: if there is a LOL, it immediately follows some ignorant, racist comment in all caps.

A google search for LOL returned 450,000,000 hits. 29 million of them are on

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why not put a sensor in the washing machine to tell you:

"Hey moron, you left your [cell phone | camera | belt] [in|on] your pants. You should probably remove the metal object before you wash your clothes."
There should be a light on the outside of the elevator that says:

"There are people in this elevator. Step back and let them out. Do not, under any circumstances, stand at the doors, waiting for them to open, so you can rush in and look like a total jackass."

Amazon Fresh vs. Safeway

Here is a comparison of shopping on Amazon Fresh vs the local Seattle Safeway. The items were picked as a normal shopping trip and not for any special reason. Looks like you can save about 7% by shopping at Safeway. Of course, you also have to take in the fact that while both stores offer a delivery service, Safeway offers free shipping for orders over $150, while Amazon Fresh's limit for free delivery is only $30.
View Spreadsheet Here

Using either service, you are likely to save a little bit of money because they allow you to stick to your shopping list much easier. Plus, being able to shop for groceries while watching the latest episode of 24 is a real plus.


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