Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Late Review: Iron Man (2008)

Yes the movie came out a week ago and yes you have already read all the reviews about it and seen it maybe more than once, but I just saw it and now you're hearing about it. All and all, I thought it was an awesome movie. It belongs in a July or August release window, as it is the very definition of a popcorn flick. Of course, getting to see one early is never a bad thing. Well, almost never. It was great to see a superhero flick without all the crying and blathering about Oh my life is so complicated and Oh I have so many conflicting emotions. Yes, Spiderman 3, I'm talking to you (A search for "tobey maguire bitch" returned 54k hits). Coincidentally, this movie also had a red-haired girl as the love interest. Also, not to get off topic, but when did Gwyneth Paltrow get smoking hot?
Less Hot
I remember her from The Royal Tenenbaums and she was never that hot. Maybe it was the whole suicide thing...

Where was I? Oh, yeah, ummm Iron Man was good. Stark Industries is clearly Lockheed Martin... And Jeff Bridges is a pretty awesome villain. Oh, and beards make you evil, but goatees and stashes make you the hero.

Price paid: $7 + popcorn and drink
Price worth: Closer to $9 + popcorn, drink, and maybe even a Butterfinger