Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Movie Wrap Up

I saw 3 movies this weekend: WALL-E, Get Smart, and Wanted. Ironically, that is also the order in which I rank them. WALL-E was an amazing film. I teared up twice and it pretty much poked fun of all the major sci-fi movies in recent history. +1 for making a garbage compactor cute. +1 for making fun of fat, lazy people. +1 for HAL-9000-like main computer. +1 for having a clear message but being less preachy than Happy Feet. -1 for robots being "weakened" by damaged circuit boards. +1 for the many Apple references.

For Get Smart, it was a lot of Mel Brooks type humor. Lots of fast dialogue with quick jokes coming mostly from people not being on the same page. +1 for having the Rock in it. +1 for fat Steve. +1 for short fat guy from Borat. +1 for Hiro and guy from Capital One comercials. +1 for Bill Murray in a tree. -1 for not having more Bill Murray. -1 for predictable storyline. -1 for guy falling out of a plane, landing on a pig, and surviving. +1 for ass cheeks.

For Wanted... Well.... At least I only lost $4 on it. +1 for "curve the bullet." +1 for naked chick. -1 for showing us the best parts of the movie in the preview. -1 for exploding rats. -1 for trying to be real but then having absurd things happen. -1 for stupid lines before killing people. +1 for a twist. -1 because the twist was expected. -1 how did she get on the train car? -1 for "circling the bullet" -1 for leaving the plot open for a second one, even though they probably won't make one (oh wait)...