Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dark Knight (2008)

Again with the late review, but here goes:
-1 for waiting in line for 1.5 hrs after this movie being out for 2 weeks;
+1 for IMAX;
+1 for the Joker;
+1 for the Joker;
+1 no, seriously, the Joker was awesome;
+1 for Bale;
+1 for Maggie;
+1 for making me want to be Bruce Wayne (who is a rich d-bag, but the good kind);
+1 for Believing in Harvey Dent;
+1 for at least 2 "whatatwist" moments;
+1 for one cell phone sonar trick;
-1 for everyone cell phone trick (why did they even need that?);
+1 for Morgan Freeman;
+1 for "and your idea is to blackmail him?" line;
-1 for no one being able to recognize the Joker in a cop uniform;
-1 for no one noticing a nurse with clown makeup on;
+1 for Joker bedtime stories that make you smile;
-1 for SOMEONE dying;
+1 for making citizens more heartless than criminals;
-1 for Batman being a huge puss and not running over the Joker;
+1 because then the movie would have kinda sucked;
+1 for the Bat-Bike with infinite missiles;
+1 for Harvey Two-Face/Skeletor;
+1 for Joker tirades;

Final Score: 12
Let me know in the comments if I missed anything...

SOMEONE = Maggie