Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Network (1976)

+1 this is all bullshit!;
+1 for sleeping your way to the top;
+1 for introducing reality television... Put some crazy people on the air and watch the ratings soar;
+1 for tirades that are just as true today then they were in 1976;
+1 oh my god, that's the father from Big Fish!;
-1 no wait... that was Albert Finney;
+1 for Robert Duval though;
+1 for describing the world of 2008 in 1976;
+1 "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!";
+1 for creating a monster and having it turn on their creators;
+1 for a network exec that's as crazy as Howard Beale;
+1 for Life cereal commercial during the credits;

Final Score: +10
Well certainly more entertaining than the alien one. I think today we need a Howard Beale on primetime, but until we do, you should check out this flick. Also, of historical note, Peter Finch (Beale) was the first actor to win an Oscar after he had died. Will the Joker be next?
Network (1976)