Friday, August 17, 2012

Chatting About "The Hunger Games"

Warning, spoilers for The Hunger Games follow.

(2:40:11 PM) Russ: i watched the hunger games movie last night
(2:40:30 PM) SomeoneElse: wow couldnt help yourself
(2:40:44 PM) Russ: the main character is such a dummy
(2:40:59 PM) Russ: same as that damn twilight
(2:41:15 PM) SomeoneElse: katniss, omg not the same
(2:41:33 PM) SomeoneElse: those are fighting words
(2:41:39 PM) Russ: let's go through the list
(2:41:47 PM) Russ: not good with people: check check
(2:42:08 PM) Russ: guy chasing them that they don't want: check check
(2:42:19 PM) Russ: pale: check check
(2:42:21 PM) SomeoneElse: annoying in real life: not, untalented actresses in the other movies
(2:42:50 PM) Russ: not good at being a hunter/vampire: check check
(2:42:53 PM) SomeoneElse: not check check
(2:43:03 PM) SomeoneElse: wait why was she not a good hunter
(2:43:27 PM) Russ: ok, guy tells her not to go for the cornicopia: she goes for the cornicopia
(2:43:50 PM) Russ: gets trapped in a tree and the only reason she is save was that little girl
(2:44:00 PM) Russ: who also saved her ass while she was stung
(2:44:22 PM) SomeoneElse: hunters dont usually have to do that
(2:44:22 PM) Russ: then she gets her but kicked trying to go back to the cornicopia to save her bf, then someone saves her
(2:44:46 PM) Russ: basically, luck is the only way she manages to survive 
(2:45:06 PM) SomeoneElse: true, she actually did a lot more in the book versus the movie
(2:45:08 PM) Russ: the only thing she did was blow up some food, which i'm still not sure why she did it
(2:45:21 PM) Russ: other than to be a beee-otch